When will I receive my video?

Your Christmas greetings video should be delivered to the specified e-mail address no later than within 24 hours from receipt of your payment.
If you do not see a letter from us:

1. Check if you have specified the e-mail address correctly. There is a chance you gave us an incorrect email address.
2. Check if the email is in the SPAM / Newsletters / Promotions folders.
3. If you still cannot find the letter, please contact our support team.

You can also download the finished video in your order profile.

Can I edit the text in your greeting letter?

Yes, this is completely up to you. While completing the order, you will be given an option to keep our original text, edit it or type in your own version. However, the video greeting voice over text cannot be changed.

I have paid using the bank transfer option, but I don’t see any confirmation that my payment has been received.

There two reasons:

1. Bank transfer has been delayed or cancelled. Please double check that money has been debited from your account.
2. You haven’t included the number of your order with your payment

If you haven’t received our notification about receipt of your payment with 1-2 days (3-4 days in case of the international payment), please contact our support team.

I have paid by VISA/MASTERCARD, but I don’t see any confirmation that my payment has been received.

If you haven’t received our notification about receipt of your payment within 10 minutes, please check if your card has been actually debited. If your payment was successful, but our confirmation of money receipt is still missing, please contact our support team.

My child's name is missing on the list. What should I do?

When placing an order you will be offered to type in your child’s name manually. Please note that in this situation the video greeting will be ready with a delay due to additional voice over recording and other necessary processing. Usually the video greeting is ready within 5-10 working days after placing an order.

Can I order one joint video greeting (or one ROYAL package) for more than one child?

Yes, you can. In one video congratulation (or one Royal package) you can congratulate up to five children. Santa Claus will address by name all the children specified in your order. The post letter, postcard or a nice list certificate will be one for all. Everybody’s name will be included within a single copy of the relevant product.

Can I order one joint video greeting, but ensure that each child gets a personalised post letter?

Yes, you can. Please do the following:

1. Complete the ROYAL package order, where the first set of questionnaire you fill in only for one of your children, while the next Video related part of questionnaire to be filled in mentioning all the children you would like to include.
2. Complete Classic+ package on individual basis for the rest of the children.

In this case you will get a joint the video congratulation and one board game to share. Everything else will be personalised (letter, calendar, card or certificate).

I have paid for the video greeting on a DVD, but I have only received an email with a link to my video. Will I get a DVD or not?

Yes you will get it. By default your video greeting will be emailed to you once ready. We recommend to check the video to ensure everything is correct. Shortly after the video production your DVD would be recorded and sent in the envelope along with the letter to the specified home address.

How do you ensure my personal data confidentiality?

Photos and any other personal information are used exclusively to create a video greeting and a post letter. The information provided is not used for any other purpose and is stored only for the duration of the current greetings season.

I found a mistake in my order. Can I fix this?

Yes, you can. Follow the link that was sent to your e-mail after placing an order, you should access your order profile. Check if you could see "Edit Order" button. If you find the edit button, press to edit your order. If you don’t see edit button, this means your order is already in the production and you should contact the support team to fix the issue.

The video is not playing on my computer, what can I do?

The most common reason is that you probably don't have the right codec packs. Please check this codec pack link.

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